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The controls lesson is your opportunity to get orientated with the basic controls of the car. You will gradually become much more familiar with these controls as you use them in different driving situations.


While most cars share the same basic set of controls, it’s worth bearing in mind that there are sometimes differences. 


The most obvious difference is that some cars have a manual gearbox (or transmission) and others have an automatic gearbox. Some modern cars have a gearbox which is a combination of the two. In this guide, any reference to the clutch or gears is in reference to vehicles with manual transmission.


Aside from differences between automatic and manual vehicles, there may be other less obvious differences such as how the handbrake or the indicators work. Some manufacturers have their own preferred ways of doing things. Others like to innovate and experiment with alternative designs for the controls.


Your instructor will keep you informed of anything you need to know for the specific model of car you’re learning to drive in. When driving any other car, refer to the user manual to find out about any non-standard aspects of the controls.