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Learning to drive can be one of the most daunting things you have ever considered! Being in control of somebody else's expensive car, with so many things that could go wrong can be a scary thought. But, it is actually really fun, it even gets easy once you get the hang of it! We believe that a calm and relaxed approach to our driving lessons makes the learning to drive process enjoyable and easier for new skills to be learnt. On this page we explain what you can expect on your first driving lesson with us.



Before we start your first lesson we will need to check a few things. Checking that your Provisional Licence is correct and within its expiry date. Check your eye sight is sufficient to be able to read a number plate from 20.5 meters. Be sure to bring prescribed glasses if you have been advised to by your optician or feel it will add to your ability to see whilst driving.

Eye Sight Check

IMPORTANT - Make sure you have provided us with your licence check code prior to your first lesson. Details for this can be read here.


Before we set off we will explain what each control is called, it's use and how it is operated as well as ensuring you are familiar with 'The Cockpit Drill' known by the acronym DSSSM.

The Cockpit Drill - DSSSM


Once you have the understanding of all of the controls including the pedals we will talk you through the process to be able to successfully move off and stop the car safely (we won't travel too far the first time).


Most of our students prefer for us to then give full step by step instructions whilst moving off and stopping the first time as we understand this is the most daunting part. Gradually we will decrease our level of instruction when we feel you have the understanding to take more of the responsibility, resulting in you retaining the steps required to move off and stop safely with very little or no support at all.

Moving Off And Stopping

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE - Remember if you already have a little bit of experience of driving then you will have already done this. We won't reteach already mastered skills, we will simply assess what you can already do and conduct a lesson that is suitable for your skill level.